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Our customers use and recommend us because we offer: Good advice, excellent work and a fair price.

At Eagle Electrical we specialise in helping home, farms, businesses and industrial sites throughout Lincolnshire.

We've worked hard to become experts in our field, we're NICEIC approved and follows the RECC consumer code. If you're looking for guidance on the best electrical solution for your business or home, call us today.

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What we do

We carry out all types of domestic and commercial electrical work. We're also renewables specialists - helping to service and install solar pv, battery storage, GSHP and ASHP.

How we do it

We constantly assess technology to ensure best value and service for you.


NEWSFLASH! Our MCS accreditation means that the government will pay back the cost of installation! 

With Eagle's 'micro generation scheme' (MCS) accreditation, following completion of the installation, we can provide you with an MCS certificate for the work. This allows you customer to qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive payments (RHI). This government-backed scheme will essentially pay back the cost of the installation over 7 years (ground/air source heat pumps). AND... This is in addition to your energy savings. 


Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a UK Government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat. 


We're renewables experts too!

solar for homes

Solar for Homes

For a relatively small investment your home can benefit from solar energy, making it greener, cheaper and even generating a monthly profit.

Solar for Commercial Sites

Solar is now at the stage where over 90% of commercial sites would see real term cost savings over a prolonged period of time.

Solar for Industrial Sites

Large industrial sites are ideal for solar installation, plant energy costs are reduced and monthly profits can be considerable.