Air Source Heat Pumps

Similar to how ground source heat pumps soak up heat from beneath the ground, air source heat pumps (ASHPs) absorb it from the outside air. The heat is then used to power radiators, underfloor heating systems and hot water heaters in your home.

ASHPs don’t require a hot day in order to function; in fact, they can extract heat from the air even on the coldest winter nights. As a result, ASHPs need a little electricity to run, but the energy they extract is natural, sustainable and more than compensates for its own carbon footprint. The system won’t raise the 

temperature of your radiators quite to the extent of a gas or oil boiler, but it can effectively heat your home providing it is left on constantly when required.


  • Generate your own energy using outdoor air

  • Works all year round and effective in temperatures as low as -15° C

  • Lower your carbon emissions

  • Can be used for heating water systems and radiators

  • Very easy to install


An ASHP system is another excellent method of creating your own clean energy. As long as your home is insulated and draught-proof, it is an effective energy solution for new builds and existing properties of all sizes.