Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kWh?

A kWh, or “kilo watt hour”, is the standard used in all electricity bills as a “unit”. All electrical appliances have a rating in kWh and an appliance rated at 1kW will consume 1kWh (1 unit) for every hour it is on.

How much space does a solar PV system require?

The smallest grid-connected system is a 1kW rating, which takes up around 8.2 square metres of roof space.

How much electricity will I gather from my solar PV system?

Each kW rating on a south-facing roof generates roughly 800 kWh per annum.

Am I eligible for Feed in Tariff (FIT)?

The solar FIT Scheme ended on the 31st March 2019.

How do I inform my electricity supplier?

Don’t worry, we’ll do this for you. Systems larger than 16 Amps require permission in advance from the network operator. It is for you to decide which energy company you want to pay you your Feed-in Tariff, and the application for this must come from you. However, we will supply all the required documentation on completion and have dedicated staff ready to help you with this very simple process.

Can I export my generated electricity?

Your electricity company will fit an export meter or will pay you based on estimated export rates (usually 50%). All unused electricity is automatically exported.

How much will I be paid for electricity I export?

It can vary according to electricity company, but generally the rate is 4.85p per kWh exported into the National Grid.

How does the electricity generated get into the internal system?

As part of the installation, a qualified electrician will connect into your consumer unit. The electricity generated will then be passed into the internal electricity system, to be used where required.

How efficient are the panels?

Our solar PV panels use all available daylight rather than simply sunlight, ensuring that you benefit from maximum efficiency. We also survey your premises for shading issues and make sure that the panels can be south-facing.

Do I need planning permission?

You shouldn’t require planning permission unless your property is in a conservation area.

Does anyone need informing beforehand?

We’ll inform your local area building control office prior to installation.

Is my roof strong enough?

Most roofs are strong enough to take a solar installation without any reinforcement and our surveyor will check this prior to installation.

How long will the installation take?

Installation normally takes just one day, and two days at a maximum.

Can the panels be damaged or broken?

Solar PV panels are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.