How efficient will my home solar PV system be?

Some simple maths

One kWh (kilo watt hour) is used in all electricity bills as a unit. An appliance rated at 1kW will consume 1kWh for every hour it is on. The smallest grid-connected system we can install has a 1kW rating, which takes up around 8.2 square metres of roof space. Each kW rating on a south-facing roof generates roughly 800 kWh per annum, so the smallest system is still a sound investment.

How the energy is used

Even if the sun doesn’t appear for weeks, our panels create energy from normal daylight. This is then fed into your internal electricity system and used for everything from checking emails to washing clothes. For heating systems, we recommend ground source heat pumps.

Surplus energy

Your electricity company will fit an export meter or pay you based on estimated export rates (usually 50%). All unused electricity is automatically exported into the National Grid, usual at a rate of 4.85p per kWh. This means that you’ll be generating energy for your own home and being paid for any you don’t need.

Robust and reliable

Our solar PV panels are designed to withstand all natural conditions. This is Britain after all, so the system needs to be prepared for scorching sunshine one day and frosty winds the next. As long as the panels have access to daylight, you’ll be fuelling your home using a green and efficient system.

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