Solar energy for agriculture

A sound investment

Farmers, landowners and rural businesses can benefit greatly from using solar photovoltaic panels across their sites. Whilst significantly improving energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions, the savings and financial advantages are also extremely attractive incentives for going solar.

Perfectly suited to the countryside

Unlike urban areas, most farms and rural premises have little obstruction, making them highly efficient at gathering daylight and sunlight throughout the year. Large south-facing rooftops are ideal; however, we can install systems as small as 8.2 square metres, making every building an opportunity for solar energy generation.

Take advantage of financial incentives

Green energy can protect your business from energy price rises, whilst reducing utility bills and providing an additional income stream. Find out more about how the Feed In Tariff will benefit your business financially in three ways.

We understand agriculture

From ensuring that the natural ventilation of cattle sheds remains clear, to using materials that can withstand chemicals used in agriculture, our solar PV systems are designed to work to the requirements of modern rural operations.

Optimise your premises

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