Solar energy for education

Lower your overheads

By installing solar PV systems across your premises, you will dramatically reduce the cost of your annual energy bills, helping to meet both in-house and government-instigated energy targets. Schools, colleges, universities and education centres can all benefit greatly from generating their own solar energy, and we’re here to offer expert guidance as well as a professional service with minimal disruption.

Environmental responsibility

Solar energy is clean, sustainable and efficient. Whilst feeding green power directly into your internal electricity system, the solar PV panels will help you to meet carbon reduction commitments with minimal effort.

Positive PR and a good example

An educational institution leading the way in solar energy is something for staff to be proud of and students to be inspired by. You can take this opportunity to work with the local press and media to promote the benefits of solar systems, educate students in the applications of renewable energy, and even incorporate it into your learning and events programmes through lessons, public workshops, conferences and corporate sponsorship.

Take advantage of financial incentives

Green energy can protect your business from energy price rises, whilst reducing utility bills and providing an additional income stream. Find out more about how the Feed In Tariff will benefit your business financially in three ways.

Optimise your premises

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