Solar energy for offices

Green business

All types of businesses are doing everything they can to improve their green activity, from using less paper and printer toner, to providing segregated recycling bins, turning off lights and even composting if the premises contain green spaces. One solution that’s becoming increasingly popular is solar PV panels, which will benefit your finances as much as the environment.

Put your roof to good use

By installing solar PV systems across your rooftops, you’ll harness both sunlight and daylight and convert it into energy for your offices. Whilst you continue to encourage team members to save power by switching off lights and machinery, you can rest assured that all or a significant proportion of power used will be sustainable and eco-friendly.

Involve your staff

Solar energy makes an excellent topic for talks, seminars and workshops. From chatting to your staff about why you’ve chosen to install panels, to inviting an expert from Solar Power Lincoln to deliver an in-depth session on the applications of solar PV systems in the home and workplace, you can help spread the word of green energy.

Take advantage of financial incentives

Green energy can protect your business from energy price rises, whilst reducing utility bills and providing an additional income stream. Find out more about how the Feed In Tariff will benefit your business financially in three ways.

Optimise your premises

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