Solar energy for the industrial sector

Achieve a balance of power

Production lines, industrial plants, factories and workshops can all benefit from solar photovoltaic systems. Due to the nature of your industry, you’ll consume vast quantities of electricity on a daily basis, which solar PV panels can help to generate rather than you depending solely on the National Grid. This has multiple benefits.

Lower your utility costs

Any south-facing rooftop that isn’t obstructed by shade is ideal for a solar PV system. The greater the number of suitable spaces you have at your disposal, the greater the financial benefits. Green energy can also protect your premises from energy price rises and even provide an additional income stream. Find out more about how the Feed In Tariff can benefit your company financially.

Be environmentally responsible

Whilst dramatically reducing the cost of your annual energy bills, generating your own solar energy also lowers your carbon footprint and will help you to meet and extend your company’s green targets. If your business is one that has an inherent environmental impact, the installation of solar PV panels will help to offset it as much as possible.

Gain valuable PR

Adopting large eco-friendly systems is always newsworthy. Whilst you prosper from positive exposure by contacting your local newspaper, radio station, bloggers and industry publications, the public can find out more about the applications of green energy, providing a mutually beneficial opportunity.

Optimise your premises

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