Solar Power for Business

SMEs, farmers and public sector organisations can save and earn significant amounts by generating their own power through solar photovoltaic panels. In the process, your business will improve its green initiatives and meet carbon reduction commitments with minimal effort.

With the UK government committed to making a significant reduction to carbon emissions, they are strongly encouraging all businesses to adopt sustainable energy solutions. There are different ways to do this, and we’re confident that solar PV panels are the ideal option due to their clean, sleek, simple, effective and economic nature.


  • Green energy source

  • Stylish and space-saving

  • Quick installation

  • Robust and low maintenance


Eco-friendly, stylish and low maintenance, solar PV panels are the way forward for all types of businesses, and we’re here to help you choose the most efficient solution.

What our customers say...

Eagle Electrical provided a complete service to us at Anthony Dawson Ltd. Guy came and explained the scheme and the economic benefits of installing solar panels, and once we agreed to the installation, he oversaw the 2-week installation. He managed the other necessary contractors, and applied for FIT registration on our behalf.

The 50 KW installation Feeds the ventilation fans and electrical systems for the poultry houses, and we expect to achieve payback within 8 years. We would not hesitate to recommend Eagle Electrical
— Anthony Dawson Ltd.